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Quantum Drafting Solutions will bring your ideas into reality with our expert drafting skills for your home renovation needs.Whether it is a renovation, extension or addition, we will work with you at every step of the way until your plans are approved and you can engage your builder of choice to undertake the work.

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About Us

Quantum Drafting Solutions is your local highly experienced and reputable draftsmen living in Brisbane. Whether you are looking to build a home from scratch, renovate your home, or are undertaking a commercial project, make Quantum Drafting Solutions your first call.Owner and Principal Building Designer of Quantum Drafting Solution, Tony Hall, draws on extensive knowledge and experience to help you realise the potential of your home or business. With 10 years, experience as a draftsman, and a lifetime of passion for building design, Tony and his team have a breadth of experience across every facet of building design, from small residential projects to larger scale commercial designs.

What Our Clients Say

"If we could give Tony 6 stars we would. Tony assisted us during a very stressful time building a new house, there were lots of spinning plates, but Tony remained calm, helped navigate us through the treacherous waters and completed a fantastic and functional custom house design"Jason - Mitchelton, Queensland

Meet The Team

"I am a building designer with 15+ years experience and hold a Bachelors Degree in Building Design from Central Queensland UniversityI have worked in roles of draftsperson and senior draftsperson with my core responsibilities being the design and drafting of plans for new homes and unit developments, renovations, extensions, carports, decks, as well as detached and multi- residential developments.I have a passion for building design and providing a detailed service to my clients. All forms of design excite me and inspire me to think of alternative solutions to everyday situations.I have completed the Certification Course in BIM Management in December 2019 and I am now BIM Management Certified"

Tony Hall, Owner/Principal Building Designer

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Quantum Drafting Solutions are experienced, reputable and creative draftsman in Brisbane. Servicing the greater Brisbane area, Quantum Drafting Solutions is a great choice for people looking to build or renovate a functional and appealing space.If you’re looking to take on a building or renovating project, it can be tempting to go it alone with the design, but fast-forward to time to build, and you’ll be glad you engaged a professional.Servicing the greater Brisbane area, Quantum Drafting Solutions will come to you, work with you to develop detailed plans, and project manage the whole process if you choose. As a small business, we value each of our customers, and truly want to achieve a fantastic outcome for their build or renovations.

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New Homes

Building a new home is an exciting, and sometime stressful, time! You’ve saved, searched for the perfect piece of land, and it’s time to map out your piece of paradise. You might have an idea of what you want – after traipsing through open homes and display home, and trawling the internet to find ‘the one’. But as you have no doubt discovered, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your perfect new home.Wondering when you should get in touch with a draftsman for your new home in Brisbane? The sooner the better really! Whether you’re ready to get started with designs, or in the earlier stages of planning and just want to have a chat about what is involved, it really never is too early to get in touch with Quantum Drafting Solutions.When you contact Quantum Solutions, we will be able to walk through the project you have in mind, visit the site, and start the process. We can also provide an indication of cost based on the location and specifics of your unique home and property.It’s so important to get your new home right – the decision you make now will be with you for the years to come. Daunting? Doesn’t have to be! We work with you to find out how you use your home now, and looking into the future, what allowances we should make now to give you a property too will grow with you.Number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, locations of living spaces… let us work though the questions with you! Our experience will help you make great decisions, maximise the space you have, and capitalise on the natural features of your block.Already have an architect or a builder in mind? Click here to see how we work with builders and architects.


Drafting for home renovations can take place in many shapes and sizes – from comprehensive renovations to smaller-scale kitchen or bathroom revamps. With home renovations making your house more comfortable and enjoyable, and having the potential to significantly add to the value of your property, it is so important to get it done right!Quantum Drafting Solutions will take care of your drafting for your home renovations every step of the way – including getting that all important council approval (if needed). Contact us to discuss your project and we will arrange an on-site consultation to discuss your vision and see your space.As well as drafting for interior home renovations, Quantum Drafting Solutions specialises in drafting for exterior home extensions, such as deck and carports. Talk to us about your deck or carport vision, and we can help you achieve a fantastic addition to your home.Choosing to use a draftsman for your renovation project means that you are working with a professional, who understands how to maximise and enhance a space. With a combination of study and years working on various projects, your draftsman will draw on experience to help you achieve the perfect outcome from your drafting for home renovations.When drafting for home renovations, your draftsman will take into consideration how and why you use the space, as well as the home and area it is complimenting. Going solo into your renovation may seem like a good idea at the time, but using a draftsman could be the difference between a good outcome, and an extraordinary renovation to your home.

Decks & Carports

Quantum Drafting Solutions will bring your ideas to reality with expert drafting skills for your home renovation. Whether it is a renovation, extension or addition to your home, we will work with you every step of the way until your plans are approved and you engage your builder to undertake the work.Choosing an expert draftsperson ensures that your renovation, deck or carport plans are accurate, though out and ready to construct. We can advise on the best use of your space, by taking the time get to know how and why you will use the area.Carports are covered by council regulations and must meet the legislation and standards set out or you could face costly fines and having to tear down your new structure. Get your carport plans right the first time when you choose to engage the services of Quantum Drafting Solutions. We can tailor a solution to your property and the existing features of your home, for style and functionality.We can work with you on desks, pergolas, granny flats – anything! Whether you have an idea of what you want, or a blank canvas that you need some advice on, give Quantum Drafting Solutions a call today.More than just a deck or carport? Quantum Drafting Solutions work on projects of all shapes and sizes – from a renovation to a brand-new home build. Take us on the journey with you – you’ll be glad you did! Getting the right advice at every step of your build or renovation could save you lots in the long run, as well as making the difference between a good space and a SPECTACULAR space.

Cost Analysis

Quantum Drafting Solutions are here to help you understand the scope, value and costs associated with your renovation or building project. We believe in transparency, so you understand the true building or renovation cost from the very beginning.Having a clear and accurate view of how much your building or renovations will cost will allow you to save, budget and make informed decisions. Having this information early on will also mean that you can start having conversations about lenders and get to know how much you can borrow, and what you can afford.Quantum Drafting Solutions take the time to understand your project and vision, visit you onsite to understand the specific considerations, and get a feel for your project budget. Based on these factors, we can get an understanding of the scope of the project and can work out estimates on the building or renovation costs.We will visit you onsite, and work through a design brief with you and measure the site. From here we will come back to you with analysis drawings, and design based on the brief. We will send these analysis drawings to builders for pricing estimates. A week to two weeks later, we will come back to you with the pricing estimates. This gives a snapshot of the information that you need to see to make an informed decision. This information is also great for early discussions with bank and lenders.Building or renovating can be stressful enough without the worry of not knowing how much your building or renovation will cost. By choosing Quantum Drafting Solutions you can sleep easy knowing that what we are working on is within your budget.

Builders & Architects

Are you a builder with a client who needs a draftsperson to complete their designs? We can help! We offer designing and drafting services for builders that will work to your strengths, your timelines and your clients’ needs.Quantum Drafting Solutions can meet on-site to work out the requirements for the job and work with you to make this smooth and stress-free for you as possible! We provide drafting services for a number of builders and understand how to best support you along the way.Standard plans for builders are a great asset for your business. You can use these to grow your business, by creating a portfolio of standard plans for various price ranges and customer needs. We can create custom technical drawing to support the unique preferences of your clients, based on one of these standard plans.We also provide drafting services to support architects. We are highly experienced in providing drafting services to architects and can work with you to ensure a great outcome for your project. We work to your specs and timelines as an extension of your team.We are a small business based in Brisbane, with a breadth of experience working across a huge range of different drafting projects. Our areas of expertise include residential and commercial drafting projects, from new brand new designs, to renovations and extensions.We offer an affordable service and provide faultless customer service and always strive to produce the highest quality work for every client that we engage with.


Quantum Drafting Solutions are Brisbane’s drafting all-rounders with over 10 years’ experience in all facets of drafting, we have seen it all when it comes to drafting for residential and commercial jobs. It is this breadth of industry knowledge that makes as a great choice for your commercial drafting services in Brisbane.We will take the time to understand your unique needs, and how you need your business to flow and function to best maximise your space and business output. We will work with you to transform your vision into a functional and appealing workspace that will serve your needs well for many years to come.There is no job too big or too small for our commercial drafting services. Renovations, additions, new builds and fit outs – we do it all! We specialise in business fit outs across a wide range of industries, including retail, health, office and hospitality.We work with a number of local builders and architects around Australia, we are well-versed in how to best support these businesses. If you have already engaged a builder or an architect, we can work in conjunction with them to produce a cost-efficient and streamlined experience for everyone involved.From the moment you engage us, the process is so easy.Step 1: Free interview and meeting on-site heldStep 2: Detailed quote producedStep 3: Site measure and drawings completedStep 4: Reviews and builder quotes compiledStep 5: Technical drawings developedStep 6: Certifications acquired